Hannah is such an inspiration to her clients; her compassion and sense of humour combined with her long term depth of experience and expertise make her a profound and deep therapist that any client would be privileged to work with.

Brandon Bays

Hello, welcome.   I loved it when I saw the words, “Why is this happening to me?” crossed out and “What is this teaching me?” put there instead.  Wherever we are in life and whatever our story, right here right now is a great place to learn and grow and heal. 

One thing I have noticed in the many years of working with people is that when we make it, or ourselves, “Wrong”, we shut down to the potential in ourselves and our current situation.  In fact we have infinite wisdom deep down inside, and when we developed our habitual thoughts, feelings and attitudes we had good reason for it.  Sometimes these patterns no longer fit with our present life and that’s when we need to unlock the old data files in the brain, dust off the cobwebs, open those files up and select what works well for us and supports us, and discard what doesn’t.  Both the main therapies (Journey work and CBT) that I do with clients are great at doing this. 

Most importantly my message is that nobody is a failure for wanting a bit of help with their mental health, how they feel, or their physical health.  Thank goodness nowadays it is understood and accepted that health is an ongoing, organic experience.  You never have to stay as you are.  Bring something different to the table and you have a different meal.  Have you ever noticed when cooking (do you cook?) how just altering one ingredient – or the ratio of that ingredient to another – can radically alter the taste of a dish? 

In sessions we can look with infinite compassion at how we are cooking up our experience of life.  What can we tweak to change it? We can explore the baggage we bring – the old experiences, memories, thoughts and feelings, and allow this to be heard and met, which in itself can resolve old pain and transform a life.  We can delve really deep to find the essence of ourselves, that place of magic and boundlessness from where we heal, where the possibilities are endless and we can begin to understand who we really are beneath the facade we present to the world.  (Hint: we are exquisite, wonderful, gorgeous beings! Sometimes with feelings and behaviours which are an expression of pain and not who we truly are.)

Over 25 years’ experience working with clients therapeutically means that in a warm and friendly way I help you to resolve anxiety, relationship problems, stress, fear, depression and pain.

In-person consultations with me are in Ulverston and Edinburgh, and I also do a lot of work with people via Skype.

A bit about me: I have been an accredited Journey Practitioner for many years and am also a qualified CBT therapist, Group therapist and NLP Practitioner.  I am a Registered Member of the BACP and adhere to the BACP code of ethics.



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