J, Cumbria, November 2020

I came to Hannah in a bad way – my anxiety was getting the better of me and it was really affecting my day-to day life and my relationships. Ever since she has been incredibly approachable and I have felt comfortable in telling her anything, which has made the process so much more rewarding. Hannah was able to help me identify the origins of my anxiety and then develop techniques to help manage it. Her knowledge and experience really showed, and I have come out of each session feeling positive and feel capable of moving forward in life. I am forever grateful for all the help.

B, Cumbria, February 2017

I just wanted to drop you both a line following your amazing workshop last month. It has made a huge difference already to the way I deal with myself/my emotions on a daily basis.

Talking to my inner child has been so powerful. It’s made me realise how mean I can be to myself at times – there was one day my inner child didn’t want to come and play because she was scared I’d be mean to her.  So I had to promise her not to be mean, to be much gentler on myself. I hadn’t realised before what I was doing to myself. No wonder I procrastinate! Inner child dragging her heels because she doesn’t want to get yelled at. So it’s felt very real and very honest to own up to that and honour my inner child’s feelings and really listen to her. And I think the urge to procrastinate is reducing big time now as my writing becomes more about exploring and playing and having fun :-))

Having a deeper understanding of the change curve has helped enormously too – so when emotions come up I can check with myself where on the change curve am I and it helps me to move more cleanly through whatever cycle is going on.

I’m sure my graceful healing is thanks a lot to all the work I have done with you brilliant guys over the years—thank you so much!!!

Just wanted you to know I truly appreciate the work you do.

Loads of love

MH, Edinburgh, November 2014

I feel really great. I feel like I touched the most important part of me, like I discovered the roots of my existence. This is my personal miracle that I am so thankful for! The first night in so many weeks I had a great night’s sleep!

Thank you so much, Hannah and Brett and everyone else! :))

If I may, please consider me as signing up for the next (full weekend) seminar. If I am in Scotland, I will definitely attend both days.

I cannot even believe how much progress your lead and company could bring. I am still astonished. And SO GRATEFUL!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!


The Journey is a fantastic therapy method that helps you to find peace with yourself, with your mind and soul as well as to experience happiness and freedom in its pure form! Hannah is an extraordinary Journey therapist, who does not only perfectly know how to lead the session; she is also full of empathy, compassion and friendship. Thank you Hannah for being such a great help and inspiration to me.

My Journey process was very deep and when I walked back home from my meeting with Hannah, I heard birds singing, saw squirrels running and felt the warmth of the setting sun on my face. I walked with a smile. My hearing was so much better and my eyes saw things that I did not see before. I was exhausted, but my heart and soul wanted to run free in the nature and live my life fully. I had wonderful couple of days after this meeting. My depression, anxiety was gone. I was really enjoying the feeling of satisfaction and happiness with myself.

After a couple of days, I ‘returned’ to the modern world and continued as usual. However, I felt like something was happening, something bigger was coming. I could not fully integrate it into my life, but it came in the end. The life and work pressure, negatively impacting my health cumulated and I had to stop. I stopped everything and had to review my past, present and the future. It was not easy as one is very ashamed for own ‘downs’ but believing in the ‘ups’ gives us courage. The Journey helped me to realise that this pause was necessary. I had to learn how to enjoy my life again. I was walking toddler’s steps, but with success. The Journey inspired me to take on further ‘well-being’ activities, like sports and meditation. The Journey helped me to start my wake up process and to get stronger every day.

Now, I have almost fully integrated into the work life again. But I also keep on painting, watching animals and connecting with our beautiful nature. I am not afraid to get in touch with my past, my emotions and my feelings. The situation is not easy, as I am rediscovering memories that I have long forgotten, but somehow remembering them helps me to connect with my true self. I finally sleep peacefully without medication throughout the whole night.

There is a long road ahead of all of us – a road of progress and development. The Journey therapy helps to start off this journey. And Hannah is the best companion to start this process with. Hannah, thank you! It was absolutely great to do the journey under your lead. You helped me to find hope and strength in myself and make me understand that we all can be happy again! I would not have made these changes without your support. Thank you from the depth of my heart!

 A. H., Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Hannah I feel your beautiful work has got me out of my shell.  I feel more loving, more human.  It’s fantastic!  You are very professional and make people feel at ease.  There is something in your presence … I can feel that I am truly healing now.  I will be back for more.  Thank you.

Peter, Cumbria


Just a  little thank you for making the time on a Sunday ( above and beyond the call of duty) to guide me through the ‘Journey’. From entering your house I felt safe and able to trust myself into your very capable hands.I found the process most enlightening especially the melting phenomenon whilst sitting with my ‘fear’ emotion. Thank you for facilitating my connection with my emotions. I feel sure that on reflection yesterday will prove a critical point both in my ability to trust my inner wisdom and in the evolution of my healing.

Judith, Wales

A Journey with Hannah is a life-changing experience, an encounter with the healing presence of Grace.Completely focussed on your highest wellbeing, she guides you to the core of your issue, using whatever quality most supports you: whether it be a gentle, motherly coaxing, or cutting through to the Truth like a steel blade. She’s also lighthearted and fun. Hannah lives what she brings to her sessions, and in them I experience myself as more than my limitations, as a blessed and graceful being who can indeed heal, and live in freedom.

J (aged 81), Leeds

I come away feeling better, lighter, healthier.  I can actually feel my body healing during the sessions.

T., England

Dear Hannah,

Thank you so much for another good session.  I am looking forward to the sound of peace as I live life from the voice of my heart.

N.M., Edinburgh

I’m convinced having these Journey sessions has unleashed some force in my life and things feel like they’re flowing a bit easier and my resilience is stronger…  if that makes any sense.  So I’m intrigued to see what follows after more work.

J.M., Scotland

Dear Hannah,

Just to let you know I am feeling very much better, have lost weight (negative gunge around my middle) and can get into something I couldn’t get into last year!!!  I have made no effort to lose weight but am getting through a lot more work each day.  Am so pleased.

Mother of client, Yorkshire

My son was diagnosed as being on the spectrum at the age of 3 and he is now almost teenage. The world of a child like him must have been a difficult place to fit in with all the messages about how he had to change. He learned that who he was wasn’t good enough. I worked this out from my own work with Hannah and started to take my son to Hannah for sessions of his own.

Working with Hannah has enabled my son to assert what he wants and express how he feels – two things that a kid on the spectrum must struggle with especially after being told he was wrong all his life.

It’s like he now has a confidante in his life who can help him find inside himself the greatness that he has, that innate sense that he’s good whatever is said to him. It doesn’t take much to tune him in if he’s had a rough time. Hannah has shown him the resources he has inside him. We all feel well supported and I’m confident that it’s making a positive contribution to my son’s life and wellbeing.